25. 03. 2010  The Grand Opera House - York.  aprox 39 min
Interview with Doane Perry with questions from the Jethro Tull Fan club of the Czech republic

1. Are you enjoying the begining of another Tull Tour ?.

2. On the 40th Aniversary of Jethro Tull DVD you are still presented as "A New Boy"
in theband after 24 years, How do you feel ?.

3. What do you usually do when not touring with Jethro Tull ?.

4. As far as we are aware you are very fond of spicy food Which international cuisine
is your favourite ? and is spicy food something that brings you closer to Ian Anderson ?.

5. Which is your favourite literary genre ?.

6. Why did you used to play behind plexiglas and now you dont, Was it because of sound
muffling, or was there another reason ?.

7. Last year sitting in the front row, I noticed that some little pieces of drumstick were flying off.

8. How would the whole process pass off - for example in the middle of Danderous Veils ?.

9. Everytime Ian introduces "Dharma For One" he always jokingly throws in that you will not play
the Whole Drum Solo, Can you Imagine playing it in full and do you enjoy playing it ?.

10. Do you have any particular memories ofgigs in Czech Rep. and do you prefer indoor or open air shows ?.

11. Charles Brychta - President of the Czech fan club met with you for the fist time before the 1991show
in Prague, You filmed that meeting, Do you still have the record of that meeting ?.

12. A few months back we interviewed Andy Giddings, He said he never liked Dot Com as the album was
recorded in a rush and lacked good production with powerful drums squashed out, What do you think ?.

13. Can you reveal to us if recording sessions for a new Tull album are under way ?.

14. How do you percieve fans at a show, do you mind them photographing you ?.

15. Have You Ever Used an Effect Snare ?.

16. Could you tell us about your "Thread" Project ?.

17. If you were given the opportunity to compose your own song for Jethro tull,
Would it be Jazzy ( we know you like Joe Zawinul) or a rocking piece ?.

18. Many People from the fan club like drummers with a mighty sound (Bonham / Moon)
Your drumming technique & sound are very distictive & recognizable, Does the power
of sound depend only on the physical condition / ability of the drummer ?.

19. Finally a typical Czech question.. Do you prefer Beer on tap or bottled ?.

20. Over the last few years at the end of every show - Locomotive Breath & Aqualung.
As a suggestion, What about Bettoven - Dambusters March & Land of Hope & Glory
It would please an aweful lot of people - & it is patriotic !.

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